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We once introduced a man who had “a sex doll” and had a wedding, but this girlfriend is not a real person, but a sex doll named Clarissa. In an interview with the media, we can learn that he put all his thoughts on the doll, not only to help it name it, but also to show affection from time to time, eat with it, watch movies, and play games. Those who are interested can read the previous article. . In the face of this phenomenon, some people think that “this is personal freedom”, but others think that he is “morbid.” Falling in love with a sex doll, what is it all about?

From an ethical point of view, is this morally acceptable?

When we consider whether a behavior is ethical, one of the conditions is that moral principles should be applied everywhere. If everyone falls in love with sex dolls, is it morally acceptable? Or maybe your lover likes sex dolls, can you accept it?

Faced with these two questions, I believe most people’s answer is no. First of all, if everyone loves sex dolls, but the dolls are just dead objects and cannot reproduce the next generation, it is obviously problematic for the overall human reproduction perspective. On the other hand, love is exclusive. Even if it is just a doll, I believe that no one wants their couple to love a doll more than themselves, right? From this, we can see that this phenomenon does not seem to be able to pass the principle of putting it all over the world.

However, this is not the only way to say. If it is based on other doctrines, the answer may be completely opposite. For example, high individualism and liberals will usually distinguish between the “freedom principle” and the “do not harm others” principle. According to these two principles, it should be acceptable to fall in love with a sex doll. Because this is personal freedom, it does not hurt others. Since it does not affect others, the behavior should be acceptable. What about you Do you think it is acceptable? What’s the reason?

Talking about Controlling Desire from Psychology: Is this a kind of pathological psychology?

Many people will put the word “sick” for this kind of behavior, but let us think about why we think it is “sick”? Everyone has their own hobbies, isn’t this love? Why is it okay to chew on your fingers, but there is a problem with sex dolls?

It can be expected that there are two reasons for this. First, because they treat the doll as an adult, and devote the same amount of love as human love to love it. This inanimate object is like the incarnation of love. Although we all desire love, most people cannot accept this kind of love that is completely divorced from reality.

Second, it is because of the behavior of “control desire”. Although it can’t do anything, its characteristic is that you can completely control it. The complexity of human relationships lies in their uncontrollability because we cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, so everyone should have the experience of getting hurt when getting along with others. You will not be harmed by it. Even if this feeling is illusory, it does not love you, but it also satisfies the desire to control in the heart.

But can you really solve real problems by throwing yourself into the illusion to avoid harm? The reality is so cruel, and getting along with people, in reality, will hurt you. Controlling people with strong desires is also one of the distinguishing characteristics of psychopaths, so it cannot be said that they are “pathological” completely unreasonable.

No matter how much you disagree with its behavior, we can’t deny how individual groups love lifelike sex dolls. The editor of RelaxDOLL appreciates that interviewees can ignore the eyes of others and do their own way freely and freely. He is pleased that who can become a true companion in society? The world is so big, but the life of material desires, red light, and green wine cannot find a true companion. How cruel is it to be like this? And how much company do sex dolls bring to them?

In reality, how many people have never been so respected and cherished like this doll? The ESDOLL editor still respects his choice and admires the courage to pour this kind of love on a beautiful artwork when there is no one to cherish in the impetuous society.

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